Speakers Guide

Some of you may already be familiar with public speaking and streaming. However for those who are less so, we compiled a few basic tips to help you out and hopefully inspire you to produce some amazing content for your session


Having the right setup can make a huge difference to your audience's experience. Check out our very own Nabheet's experience that he documented here

1. Have a good internet connection

Your internet does not have to be lightning fast but it does need to be decent. Make sure that your internet is fast enough to broadcast your video content to our stream producers if using easy mode

2. Mic Check

Make sure your microphone is not terrible. Your mic doesn’t need to be amazing, just make sure it doesn’t have a ton of static and that your voice is clear. Also, use ear buds or a headset so that there isn’t any feedback from speakers

3. Get a webcam

If livestreaming, the whole point of live streams is for the streamer to interact with their viewers and your viewers like knowing what you look like. We find that streamers with webcams tend to do better than ones that don’t. Just like with your mic and internet connection, your webcam has to be decent. Make sure that it can record at a decent resolution and what it does record looks good (applies to pre-recorded sessions too)

Presentation Skills

Pay some consideration to your content and communication style

1. Feedback

Try recording your own session and watching it back so you experience it from the perspective of a viewer. I did this some time back and it was both informative and horrifying. My technical knowledge of the subject was fine, but I needed to be far more passionate and engaging.

As an alternative to recording, try presenting to friends or relatives. Remember you're not necessarily looking for feedback on your subject matter.

2. Less Text More Action

Having a slide deck that complements your spoken content is key to effective presenting. There is nothing worse than having a text heavy presentation where the speaker is effectivly reading the slide back to you.

Check out this ted x post on better slide deck content.

We highly recommend you take a look at reveal.js for generating your slide deck. If you want to host your presentation content on our site, feel free to make a pull request for your very own blog post.

3. Interact with your viewers

Be nice, answer viewer questions, and ask them questions. Talk with them just like you would talk to someone in person. Don’t argue with people, if someone is doing something that annoys you just mute them and end it fast. If you don't like being interrupted during your session, make it clear to the viewers at the beginning of the session, but make time at strategic points in your talk to do so

Good Luck....

Hopefully some of this info helps and we look forward to seeing each one of your amazing sessions

Good Luck